Monday, August 3, 2009

Heirloom Tomatoes

Every year, we over plant our tomatoes. Yes, I mean that we plant too many. But this year, we have surpassed even ourselves and the harvest will be HUGE.

We love heirloom tomatoes for their variety, hardiness and of course, flavor. This year, as we started our seeds indoors, we carefully labeled them and kept track of the 9 or so varieties we were growing. As we transplanted them, and then transplanted again, we lost track (we're not stellar at this) and now we are just guessing at which varieties are which. I guess it's kind of funny, that we don't even know what we are eating. But we do have a general idea, since we know what seeds we planted. . .

Supposedly, we have:
Old German
Red Pear
Christmas Grape
Red Zebra
Gold Medal
Speckled Roman
Fresh Salsa

The Peppers are also ready:

Ancho Gigantea
Wenks Yellow Hots
Bulgarian Carrot
Miniature Red Bell
Super Heavyweight Bell

And of course we are raking in:

Black Magic and Yellow Zuchinni
Triple Crown Blackberries
Jade Green Beans
Purple Okra
Sugar Snax Carrots
Swiss Chard

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