Thursday, October 15, 2009

What kind of bug is that?

As my daughter and I walked past the plum tree more than a month ago, she said, "Look mom, a ladybug!". I peered at it and thought, "That is no lady bug! What is that?"

As we looked around the tree a bit more I saw quite a few of them and a few of these too:

I decided to bag one of the shell looking things up and see what it became. We brought it inside and a day or two later I saw a lady bug crawling around in the bag. Yep. My five year old was spot on. It was a lady bug!

Now, in October, our entire orchard, but mostly the plum tree, is covered in lady bugs! I am in heaven! Not spraying any thing, organic or otherwise, has really payed off. Anyone know how to help them overwinter??


  1. Why are lady bugs so good? What do they do?

  2. they are fabulous "bad-bug predators". this is a fairly good article about them: